Raven Eidolon Wedge
Face Mounting Points
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The TRAVELER is intended to be the last carry holster you’ll ever need. Intended for both inside (IWB) and outside (OWB) waistband carry, this design is the culmination of thousands of carry hours that resulted in a zero compromise solution.

It all starts with the ability to swap between IWB and OWB orientation by simply securing the appropriate attachment type with the four included face screws. Multiple mounting points are riveted in to allow for increased durability, and simple weapon cant adjustments. You can even attach this holster to most chest harnesses available, and configure yourself a chest rig (we’ll have our own chest harnesses available for purchase in the coming months). The contoured wings assist in keeping the holster secure and tight to the body, perfect for anyone who’s ideal carry positions are between 3 – 5 or 7 – 9 o’clock. All holsters come optics ready as a standard, as well as include a flared top which provides plenty of space for a seamless re-holstering experience every time. The shielded magazine release helps prevent unwanted release activation in the event your day requires long hours or excessive movement. Additional mounting points are located on the back of the holster for install of an optional wedge attachment, which provides deeper concealment and orients the muzzle of the weapon further away from the users body.


Standard Features Include:

– Adjustable Retention

– Flared Top

– Optic Ready

– Shielded Magazine Release

– Threaded Barrel Friendly

– Wedge Mounting Point (Wedge Attachment Optional)


Optional Features Include:

– Wedge Attachment

– Accessory Face Mount


We offer the TRAVELER with Ulticlip for beltless IWB carry, or Loop Wings (1.5″ or 1.75″) for OWB carry. In the coming months, we’ll offer DCC Belt Clips as an IWB option as well. All you’ll need to change attachment type is a standard Philips head screwdriver, and your preferred low strength thread locker. We highly recommend adding a small drop of LOW STRENGTH thread locker to each of the attachment screws prior to each attachment install to avoid hardware becoming loose. Maintenance for all of our holsters is as simple as providing a light wipe down on all surfaces and hardware with commonly available weapons cleaning and lubricant products; we use Break Free CLP. Additionally, ensure all screws are tight and secure prior to each use. ALWAYS ENSURE THE FIREARM IS UNLOADED AND REMOVED FROM THE HOLSTER PRIOR TO PERFORMING HOLSTER ADJUSTMENTS OR MAINTENANCE!


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